28/01/19 – Essay writing tip for this week:

A Simple Road to Coherence:

Always use a clarifying word or phrase with the demonstrative adjective “This”, as in “This simple advice will help ensure that you are always clear when you refer to a preceding idea in your writing.

When editing your writing, therefore, make a habit of identifying any time when you use “this” on its own. Then consider carefully to what specific idea you had used it to refer and then explicitly express that idea as your clarifying phrase

This one simple act will do as much as anything to improve the coherence of your essays.


It’s alright to procrastinate before you start to write your essays. Most of the best writers do. The American writer Ernest Hemingway, for example, used to sharpen all of his pencils before he could sit down to write. Other writers may wash the dishes or make themselves a cup of coffee.

So don’t fret if you find it hard to start writing. Better to give in to the urge to do something else to relax yourself than to sit down and simply mull over what you may want to write. Instead, make that extra cup of coffee or wash the dishes. Listen to some music and let your mind wander. You may often even find that good ideas come to you when you do.